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After two successful Kickstarter campaigns for our games Bedroom Battle and Dare Duel, we’re back with a brand new game!

Meet Luck & Love, the sinful and sexy cousin to a world famous dice game.

So, just like in that famous dice game (yes it’s Yahtzee), you have a bunch of dice and a scorepad containing different dice combinations that you need to roll. However, instead of only winning boring points you win naughty favors from your opponent too.

Sounds simple? It is! But wait... there’s more! Luck & Love has a lot more fun content than just dice and a scorepad. There are bonus tokens, bail cards, strip cards, sex cards and climax cards too. Also, all pages in the scorepads are different, making every game you play unique.

Luck & Love is a two-player game aimed at couples, and just like our other games sexual preference does not matter, everyone can play.

Below you can read more about what’s included in the box, how to play the game, what the rewards are, which addons we offer, and of course more information about us. Happy reading!

The main reward will of course be the game itself. When backing us you will be the first to receive our game, and you will get it at a lower price than those who buy it after the funding campaign is over. You also have the chance to get our special Kickstarter only ”Late Night” edition of the game.

In our previous projects we’ve gotten some great ideas and input from our backers, so we have also added some rewards that will involve YOU more directly in the project.

Based on experience from our previous projects we feel very confident to welcome backers from all over the world, and we will offer FREE shipping to everyone living in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

If you live somewhere else in the world we kindly ask you for a small fee to cover additional shipping costs. We want to make sure your rewards arrive safely without any shipment or customs issues, and for some parts of the world this is unfortunately more costly, which we have learned during our previous projects.

Depending on how many backers we get we will either handle shipping ourselves, or use fulfilment services for different parts of the world. Regardless, we promise that we will handle ALL costs related to shipping and customs for backers in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

For the rest of the world the cost of shipping will never be more than $7, and any fees related to customs will be your responsibility. This has however never been a problem during our previous projects, so most likely you will not pay more than our shipping fee.

We’ve come up with some nice things that you can add to your pledges to help us out a little extra, and of course get something fun in return as well. You can add the following to ANY pledge except the first SEK 10 ($1) reward level. Simply add the amounts listed below to your pledge, and when the project ends you will receive a survey to confirm your selected addons.

Example: You pledge SEK 270 ($30) and select the Late Night Edition of the game as your reward. You want it gift-wrapped, and you also want our Bedroom Battle game, so you add SEK 90 ($10) + SEK 235 ($26) for a total pledge of SEK 595 ($66). 

Addons do NOT affect shipping cost. So FREE shipping is included for everyone living in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia or New Zealand regardless of how many addons you want. If you live elsewhere shipping will never become more than SEK 65 ($7).

All addons will be shipped at the same time and in the same package as Luck & Love.

For more information about our games Dare Duel and Bedroom Battle please see our website and the Kickstarter campaign pages for those games.

Dare Duel Kickstarter campaign
Bedroom Battle Kickstarter campaign

You’ll get both games at the same price the original backers got them for +$1, which is still a better deal than retail price. You can of course get them signed and/or gift wrapped as well.

Since we have reached all stretch goals we wanted to reach in order to make a really high quality product, we're now focusing on adding additional downloadable scorepads with special themes as stretch goals. Let's see how many we can unlock before the campaign ends. Two down, one to go!

We asked our backers to vote on in which order we should add the stretch goals with downloadable scorepads, and the results were as follows:

As you can see, the Fun scorepad won, with the BDSM scorepad in second place, and the Romantic scorepad in third. So that's the order we've added them to the list of stretch goals. Thank you everyone who voted!

We want Luck & Love to be a game that you can just pick up and instantly know how to play, but that still offers something that’s a little strategic and more fun that just drawing cards. That's why we on purpose decided to let Luck & Love be inspired by Yahtzee, a game that almost everyone already knows how to play. We also want to create a game where the main focus is not on drawing and playing cards, which is the key element in almost all sex games.

Also, while both our previous games Bedroom Battle and Dare Duel can be quite naughty, Luck & Love will be even more intimate and even more daring. We think almost all couples who’s been together for a while need to challenge each other in the bedroom, and sometimes try new things to keep it interesting. Most sex games do this in some way, but we want it to be the main focus in Luck & Love. We want to create a game that really challenges people to discover new sexy sides about themselves and their partner.

Our little company is growing and our previous games are selling quite well. Well enough so that we can pay rent and buy food for our cats (and sometimes for ourselves). But that’s about it right now, and we would need to slowly save up quite a lot of money in order to be able to make another game. Thankfully, there’s another way. We can humbly ask for your help!

The goal we set is the minimum amount we need to make Luck & Love happen, and the main portion of the money will be used to print it. Also, since we’re Swedish and Swedish schools still insist that we learn Swedish as our first language, we also need to hire a proofreader to make sure every line of text in the game is written in flawless English.

Should we reach our minimum goal we also have a number of stretch goals that will improve the quality of the final product. We’d love to hit them all, but we’d be thrilled to reach the first goal to begin with. In order to not jinx it, we will not announce stretch goals until we feel confident that we will reach our minimum funding goal.

Tingletouch Games is Magnus and Elin Holmgren. We live just outside Stockholm, Sweden. We’re in our mid-30s and we’ve been glued to each other since 2002. In September 2016 we finally felt that 14 years together probably is enough proof that we really like each other, so we got married!

Not only did we get married last year, but we also decided to become full time game designers. Magnus was first to take the leap, and Elin recently quit her “real” part time job to go for it too. So we’re committed to this now. Scary, but really fun as well.

Magnus has previously worked as a film editor and graphic designer. His main skill is that he comes up with a new game idea or concept every ten minutes. Elin is a former restaurant manager who knows how to run a business. She also has the very useful skill of being able to pick out the one good idea in every hundred silly ideas Magnus comes up with. So that works out quite well for us.

We also love playing games. Everything from fun simple card games to serious strategic board games. Magnus’ all time favorite board game (apart from our own) is Agricola, while Elin’s vote goes to Puerto Rico right now. But that can of course change at any time.

Luck & Love will be our fifth game aimed at couples, having previously created two games for the mobile market, and then the Kickstarter-funded card games Bedroom Battle and Dare Duel.

Yes, totally. We’ve run two successful Kickstarter campaigns, and produced and delivered both games on time. We’ve learned a lot, and we can actually say that we know what we are doing now.

Of course, we can say anything about how awesome and trusty we are, but instead we invite you to check out our previous campaigns and independent reviews we’ve gotten for our first game Bedroom Battle. 

Bedroom Battle Kickstarter campaign
Dare Duel Kickstarter campaign reviews reviews
BoardGameGeek reviews reviews (in Swedish)

And if you’re too lazy to use the links, we’ll do a classic advertisement trick and select the best one-liners for you:

“Best sex game ever and everyone can play.” – Linda

”The game is spectacularly designed and is fun, simple and engaging to play.” – J. Hart. 

“Simply the best couples game in existence.” - Jubilition 

”Would definitely recommend this game to anybody.” – Shane

But, but, why are there no reviews for your second game Dare Duel? Is it that bad? We certainly don’t think so, but it’s really brand new on the market. We just sent out the games to our backers before Christmas, and our main goal was to get it out on the Swedish market before Valentine’s Day 2017. So we’re not trying to hide something from you, but it takes some time to accumulate enough sales and especially reviews to get an idea of what people think. It’s just too new to have any real track record yet, apart from our Kickstarter campaign.

If you want, you can learn more about our company and our games using the links below. 

On the Web: - Our company's website, with information about us and our other games.

Bedroom Battle Kickstarter campaign
Dare Duel Kickstarter campaign

Social Media: 

Twitter: @_tingletouch_ 
Instagram: @tingletouch

Available Rewards:

kr195SEK + Shipping

Luck & Love - Late Pledge

Approx. $23 / £18 / €20
(The actual amount may vary slightly depending on currency exchange rates)

You get one copy of Luck & Love, which includes 2 fifty-page scorepads, 60 cards, 6 dice, 12 bonus tokens, a box with beautiful artwork and a rules sheet.

FREE shipping for everyone living in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia or New Zealand.

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